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Cheers, Monday. b a d c b a d c
Ben Hammersley - Pantomime (feat. Emma Watson and Ólafur Arnalds)
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Happy weekend everyone. b a d c
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Anyway you could give me a quick tutorial or how-to tips for turning my lettering into digital art with Illustrator? i.e adding a background, changing colors, etc. Thank you : ))

Hey there! I have a frequently asked page on my site you can read through!

If that doesn’t answer your questions, just message me and Ill respond! 

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Did you learn hand lettering through a learning course or did you teach yourself? I'm trying to learn by spilling my thoughts on a page, but in art technique is crucial (and something I don't have!)

Hello hello:)

I learned just through practice. I haven’t had any training, but a forgiving pencil and eraser. But you can take fantastic online classes from skillshare like these ( or read articles like these that’ll keep you creatively on track (

Wishing you the BEST.

xo Bethany

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I’m learning by Bethany Platter b a d c
My friends at Lipton want to share the love by giving away free tea! Yes, I said free tea. Just click the link, fill out the survey, and you’ll receive a little package full of yummy tea to sip on. Enjoy:) b a d c
You are beautiful and wonderful and are mine. b a d c
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